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Your Medical Risk Management Experts

Thank you for visiting Emergency-1 Response, Inc. We are the premier provider of Medical Risk Management services throughout California.

Even with perfect planning, events often require emergency medical services. While these can be provided by the local fire department, often such emergency calls take precious time, especially at a crowded event. You owe it to yourself and your patrons to prepare for the unexpected. You can also greatly reduce your legal liability for such occurrences by having onsite Emergency Medical Technicians available for staff, exhibitors and participants during the course of your event. You will sleep better knowing that if the need ever arises, there will be a quick response to any medical emergency.

During the event our fully trained rapid response medical team will insure that any medical emergency is taken care of providing un-paralleled customer service.

We employ only licensed, certified and seasoned Emergency Medical Technicians that have access to the most up-to-date, state of the art equipment necessary for the health and welfare of staff members, performers and spectators of your special event. The Emergency-1 Response medical team helps reduce corporate medical event liability by responding rapidly to any medical emergency that might arise during the event and expeditiously takes action when needed.