Medical Services

Here are several reasons Emergency-1 Response is worth looking into:

Risks and Liability

Did you know…. You as an Owner, Manager or Promoter could be held liable for injuries occurring at your event? Let us help you mitigate these risks by offering a full-fledged safety program.

Costly Ambulance Bills

Ambulance bills are costly, oftentimes for you and your guests. We will use our relationships to bring in the best rates possible and let you know when an ambulance may not be necessary or could be replaced by offering more advanced medical services onsite rather than taking patients to the hospital.

Customer Relations

Your guests and employees can feel safe knowing we are there in case of the unexpected. Our company only hires employees with at least one year of valuable infield experience. Our EMTs are some of the best in the business and will not only provide exceptional care, but also a friendly and calm demeanor for their patients.

Event Planning

Our staff will work with you to determine your event’s medical needs. We create site-specific emergency response plans including what to do in case of an emergency and evacuation plans.

Trust Experience

We have proudly staffed sold out concerts, street festivals, movie and television productions, world class sporting events, conventions, trade shows and tournaments of all kinds.

Government Agencies

We also have Medical Risk consultants on-staff that will work with you and your local government agencies to help setup medical service requirements for any size or type of event.

Advanced First Aid Stations

We at Emergency-1 Response are proud to be different! Some people ask, how are our prices are so low compared to other companies? This is for several reasons, mainly being that we do not normally provide transport of patients. The majority of your event’s patients can be treated and released on-site, thus not requiring expensive ambulances on standby… and allowing them to return to often your event as a happy customer! With Emergency-1 Response, you get the highest quality of medical care from licensed, insured and experienced EMTs, doctors and nurses. Ask yourself this question… How would you feel about an ambulance blazing into your event for someone is just slightly over-beveradged or in need of a couple stitches?

Equipment List:

Here is a list of just some of the equipment and supplies that each EMT has available to them to care for any of your staff and participants issues that may occur during the event. We also can provide AEDs, wheelchairs or an ambulance golf cart with gurney upon request.

Trauma Bag

Blood pressure cuff kit, stethoscope, band aids of all shapes & sizes, ACE wraps, splints, surgical tape, gauze rolls of all sizes, large trauma dressings, wound care equipment (peroxide, antibiotic ointment), trauma scissors, bee sting swabs, tweezers, oral glucose, ice packs, eye wash, sunscreen, feminine hygiene products, gloves and penlights.

Oxygen Bag

Full tank of oxygen w/ regulator, adult, pediatric and infant oxygen masks and cannula, oral and nasal airways, adult and pediatric bag valve masks, adult and pediatric cervical collars, OB kit, and suction equipment.